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5 de dezembro de 2022
Atualizado em: 12/12/2017
Fraudes em operações "ilícitas" ou suspeitas
Exemplos de e-mails oferecendo falsos empregos internacionais

A seguir alguns exemplos de e-mails vindo supostamente de empresas ou entidades estrangeiras lícitas e oferecendo “empregos” remunerados na base de comissão.
O foco destes supostos empregos é receber pagamentos em favor da tal empresa ou entidades, supostamente vindo de clientes ou doadores, com o intuito de facilitar a operação da mesma que diz não ter base no país. Os valores devem depois ser repassados para a tal empresa ou entidade através de sistemas como Western Union ou MoneyGram.
Na realidade se trata de golpe onde os valores recebidos são fruto de fraudes e o suposto “funcionário” passa a ser cúmplice dos golpistas por utilizar suas contas pessoais para receber dinheiro de vítimas e favorecer, assim, os golpistas.

Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2007 5:48:47 -0700
From: Insole Moulding Machines
Subject: Job Offer
X-Originating-IP: from, by; Thu, 21 Jun 2007 12:48:39 +0000
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Dear Sir/Madam,
Please pardon me, I am aware that this is not a conventional way of relaying an important massage such as this.
My Name is Mr. Silas Cowie, our company is currently looking for a representative in United States and Canada who will help us establish a new distributing network to get to our clients that bought goods from us and collect their outstanding bills which they owe company.
This Job is a part time job for you, to find out more about the job please reply me back via email.

Job Description:
1. To receive payments from the Clients.
2. Cash the Payments at your bank.
3. Deduct 11%, which will be your percentage/pay for your services to us.
4. Forward balance after deduction of your percentage/pay to any of the offices you will be directed to send the funds to us.

Please if you are interested forward to us your following details:

1. Full Names:
2. Contact address:
3. Telephone number/mobile and Fax:
4. Gender/Age:
5. Occupation:

NB: Please kindly respond to the following email for more info:


Kindly send your response.

Mr. Silas Cowie,
110B Barry Jackson
Estone Walk
B6 5BA.
United Kingdom

From: "Sydney Car Centre"
To: "Clipping"
Subject: Job - just for you.
Reply-To: "SCC"
X-Mailer: MIME-tools 5.503 (Entity 5.501)
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 17:05:15 +0100

While we may have high expectations of our associates, we also give them high rewards. Imagine being part of a stable organization with a sterling reputation - a place where the Sydney Car Centre is an integral part of all that we do. With our car centre personality, you'll not just succeed - you'll thrive. And, with our strong commitment to promoting from within, you'll definitely enjoy your rise to the top.

Today the Sydney Car Centre is looking for an industrious regional assistant to fasten the process of the delivery of customer payments to the suppliers. The position offered is a part-time job, and will only require from you to be available for 1-2 hours a day.

As a regional assistant, you will be supposed to operate with the payments from those customers, based in your country. You will be expected to accept 2-3 transactions to your bank account every week, make certain calculations about every transaction (you will be precisely instructed about it), & transfer the funds to the suppliers by means of western Union/Money Gram less your fee & the charges of the Western Union/Money Gram. You will be continuously communicating with the manager from the head office, who will instruct you & give advice regarding every new payment.

The ideal candidate will be industrious, goal-oriented person, with the availability of a personal/business bank account suitable to be used for the company needs. Knowledge of English, computer literacy and sociability are appreciated.

The company guarantees to pay NET 10% fee out of the amount of every payment you dealt with and to provide you with the regular income & flexible schedule. All the related expenses you might have (like the Western Union/Money Gram chargers, related expenses on traveling) are covered by the company.

The more detailed information is available on our web-site, where you can fill in the on-line application form for this position.

We would be glad to welcome you in our team!

We are looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible!

Yours sincerely, Salvador Trejo

From: "gabriello wendy"
Subject: Fw: Job
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 01:08:09 +0000
X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.3790.2663

This offer for EUROPEAN COUNTRIES only!

Job for students, home-workers and people which have free 2-3 hours a day.

Dear Sir/Madam,

We're glad to offer you a position in our company Donation Europe.
We are a charity organization in Central Europe. We help and support the community in Europe to help children of all ages. Donation Europe is an organization which supported by donations. You can earn money and help children with us. We are looking for freelance representatives in EUROPEAN COUNTRIES. Donation Europe receive donations in Europe, you have a possibility to become a "Freelance representative" of our company. You do not need any funds to work and you do not need to find anybody. We hire people for freelance work. You can combine it with your full-time work, 2-3 hours a day are required from you.


Helen Wilson
Donation Europe.

Nowoursynowska st. 119,
02-776 Warsaw
Phone/Fax: +48 [22] 389_6535
Charity Registration No.: 101682
Company Registration No.: 2350841

From: "Ronny J Willington"
Subject: Escrow services
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2007 21:58:48 +0600
X-Mailer: Microsoft Office Outlook, Build 11.0.6353

My name is Ronny Willington. I am the manager of the International Services R US Co.,link: Our company constantly seeks for candidates for a vacancy of the financial representative (agent) in different states. I examined your resume over one of job sites about a month ago and kept it hoping to contact you in future. At the moment being we need an agent in your state we are ready to sign a contract with you and to take an online interview.
We offer you a choice:
1. You will receive 5 % from each transaction and totally you will have approximately $1000 per month. (Moreover you can use the work with us As an additional job except the basic one. Your responsibilities will be to check your e-mail two times a day and once a week you are supposed to visit your bank to make money transfers about which you will be instructed in details). We are going to increase the amounts of transfers in future and your profit will be $2000, and in 5 months it will be $3000.
2. You will receive 7 % from each transaction but it is necessary for you to register an independent company LLC and to open a corporate account, your profit will be almost $5000 (In this case you are supposed to register a LLC using your own money, it will cost you almost $300 and then we shall sign some agreements in which your duties will be talked over.)
3. You are supposed to sign in one of the payment systems we can offer you You will be supposed to order a plastic card there.

The work of an escrow agent
As the basis of our service is to provide escrow deals on the Internet we need escrow agents all over the world. Attracting clients from different corners of the world we should have our agents everywhere so that to be able to provide instant escrow solutions (in-state bank transfers take no more than a few hours). We engage new technologies to deal with the e-document exchange, which make the process reliable and safe. Our service only deals with the paperwork, leaving the financial part (accepting funds on your personal bank accounts from the buyers, and routing them to the sellers according to our instructions afterwards) for you. We can’t shoulder the financial responsibility because in today's world of extremely fast solutions it is time that is of extreme importance to our clients. Having an escrow agent in every country we can quickly transfer funds inside the country without wasting time on the international bank transfers, and continue our rapid growth rather than overwhelming our own bank account with inbound and outbound transactions leading to severe hold times and probably service interruption.
Your main task will be accepting money transactions on your personal bank accounts and routing them to other bank account of the escrow process, according to our instructions. You will benefit from the commissions, which are 5-7% of every transaction and depend on the quantity of completed transactions and the speed of your work. For your convenience there will be no paychecks, your commission will remain in your account, which is activated after your registration, after every successfully completed transaction. The cost of money transfer is not included in your commission, meaning you will deduct it from the amount to be sent, not your commission. And you receive 5-7% of the amount of the transaction. Normally the amounts that we process vary from $5,000 to $35,000, but can go higher on special occasions.

Types of Transactions
The main type of escrow transactions as far as the financial part is concerned are direct bank transfers - ACH, cheques and wire transfers . There is one more way - to deal with the old-fashioned checks, but we are cautious about it and usually require upfront approval from you before proceeding with this method. So in brief, you can make money transfer of any type of listed above.

In case you refuse to incorporate, feel free to use your personal accounts for check-enabled escrow transactions (where the buyer remits payment to escrow via personal or corporate check). Please note escrow service will only proceed once the check clears and the hold will be removed from the check amount by your bank for complete and unrestricted use of deposited funds!

Protection from Fraud
Due to the nature of our business we have to aggressively struggle against fraud and spot it at the earliest stages to manage to provide continuity and safety of the escrow process. We treat the security of our agents, clients and our own one seriously! We screen out potential escrow clients by means of the most robust and complicated screening systems, including but not limited to TeleCheck (verifying funds availability on the written checks as well as previous positive payment history - only in case of check originated transaction), ChoicePoint (verifying client's personal information) and LexisNexis (revealing previous criminal activities). As far as escrow agent application is concerned, we sometimes have to ask you fax your ID if necessary.

According to US laws you are not required to pay taxes on bank transactions. In addition to that, generally you will not have to do your work under your own name, but the name of your company. If you insist we can prepare and file all tax documents with the IRS at the end of fiscal year.
To begin the interview it is necessary for you to fill in the form with your information and send it to me:

Full name and surname:
The address :
State/ province:
Post code:
Phone number:
Mobil number:
(Inform us about the time, when you are available)
Please use my personal e-mail to contact me:
I am looking forward to your soon reply.
Best Regards
Ronny J Willington.

Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2007 12:55:16 +0200
From: Rubin
User-Agent: Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0.6 (X11/20050716)
Subject: Job offer

ImapExchange is a leading electronic funds transfer company with core business values and a great concern for the general well being and satisfaction of our customers. The scope of our expertise enables ImapExchange to respond effectively to any challenge our clients care to set us. ImapExchange is made up of a sophisticated network of agents in six continents, having in common a blend of intelligence, talent and expertise, harnessed to bring competitive advantage to the client.
We move money all over the world today and make every corner of the world accessible to ImapExchange customers! For that reason, we shall be happy to welcome you - people competent, pro-active, energetic and purposeful - among our Company's staff. If you do wish to join us, you should demonstrate your ability to bring benefit to the Company, so forward your resume to our HR manager at and we shall be happy to meet you.

You can always find a list of the specialist vacancies most demanded by the Company at the moment on our website. On the same website, you may also find an application form to fill out.
a.. Decent reward.
b.. Social security package and medical insurance.
c.. Free seminars and skills training

If you are interested in this vacancy, you may forward us your resume to or fill out a special form on our website.

ImapExchange - Remote Assistant

Ideal candidates will thrive in an entrepreneurial environment and have the desire to manage their own operation. The task of the Remote Assistant is to process payments between our partners. clients and our company, in particular:
a.. Managing cash and balancing receipts
b.. Operating within prescribed budgets
c.. Following up on accounts Salary

$1.000.00 USD bi-weekly during the trial period plus 2% commission from each transaction (your commissions will be increased up to 3% after the trial period)
a.. Good business acumen.
b.. Maturity age.
c.. Honest, responsible, industrious
d.. PC, e-mail and the Internet skills
e.. Prior experience of processing checks/wire transfers/money orders is preferable, but not obligatory.
f.. Ability to check e-mail several times a day.
g.. No less than 2 working hours per day (possibly in the evening).

a.. Internet remote operations;
b.. Part-time job (1-3 hours per day);
c.. Possibility to combine with main job;
d.. The brief training course is enclosed.

If you are interested in this vacancy, you may forward us your resume to

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